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The Year

Living while preparing to die
Autor: Mark J. Moser

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Artikelnummer: 978-3-03805-265-4 (PDF) Kategorie:

In «Living with pain without going crazy» Mark shared how he learned to embrace and even love his physical pain.

In «The Year» we read the unapologetic, authentic story of how he nds himself in a hotel room in Jerusalem, in a cloud of pain and facing inner bleeding. He is dying but not yet ready. Mark gives insight to his personal journey of preparing to die and learning to live, together with his family and friends.

«In this intimate narrative we may live Mark’s Year with him. His courage and care-full humanity shine through the distress and moments of despair he has endured. This book, like his life, is a testimony of hope in the face of dif culty and uncertainty. If our not-so-well-hidden quest is to live lives with love, hope and meaning, then this book, like Mark himself, is a loving, meaningful and hope building contribution to this ongoing essential endeavor.»
Anthony Kasozi

Verlag: buch & netz
Bereich: Sachbücher
Kategorien: Biografien, Ratgeber
Themen: Death; Life; Pain
Anzahl Seiten: 105
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
ISBN: 978-3-03805-237-1 (Print Softcover) 978-3-03805-238-8 (Print – Hardcover) 978-3-03805-265-4 (PDF) 978-3-03805-266-1 (ePub) 978-3-03805-267-8 (mobi/Kindle)

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