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Electronic tags for social reintegration

The European penal systems are being transformed: electronic monitoring instead of prison sentences is the watchword. Geosatis wants to gain a share in this growing market.

In Switzerland, every prisoner costs 300 Francs per day. Dozens of million Euros are spent in Europe every year to keep people who have come into conflict with the law in prison. Is that really a sensible investment? José Demetrio, founder of Geosatis in Le Noiremont in the Swiss Canton of Jura, kept asking himself that question while he was directing a project in the security sector in a Swiss prison. Others have been asking the same question. The success quota of prison sentences in terms of rehabilitation is very modest. In addition, locking delinquents away usually causes more problems than it solves. As prisoners they come into contact with other criminals and only then turn into really hardened cases, not least because they also lose their job and hence their economic independence.

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